The Top Benefits of the Sharing Economy

socialsteamr, social media promotion, social media support, rob nielsen, social media leagueBlogging has become the most effective and least expensive way to drive quality traffic to a website. And social media would seem to be the number one way to have that content distributed in as wide a net as possible, given the ubiquitous “Social Share Bars” that tend to accompany blog posts.
But these counters expose a post’s “life” in a rather disconnected way — while the content of a particular post might be fantastic, and certainly worthy of sharing to your own audience, when the counters read “0” next to the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ icons, it gives the reader a perception that they’re visiting a ghost town.
Unfortunately, a fantastic blogger does not a fantastic marketer make; sometimes, even the best post needs a boost. If your post isn’t seen by anyone, the novelty of talking to yourself might wear off quickly.
Are you getting your content shared as frequently as you’d like? Here are some benefits to getting social media shares:

Expanding Your Reach

With each piece of fresh content, you give yourself one more opportunity to connect with a new group, or reinforce the foundation you’ve already built on your blog. When your colleagues share your post to their own targeted Facebook and Twitter audiences — the reach increases and is only limited by the effort and means with which you syndicate your content.

No Expiration Date

I feel badly for the journalists of yesteryear. Think about your post lasting only as long as the newspaper it’s printed on! That might give today’s blog post an expiration date of 18 hours, give or take. Social media allows your post to live as long, and be exposed as often, as you want to share it (ahem, Hootsuite, Buffer).

Mentions = Public Endorsements = Positive Reviews

Yelp is social media — but now social media is Yelp. The ever-present statistic on everyone’s tongue at the moment: 90% of people make a purchase based on the positive recommendation of their friends and family. A brand mention on Twitter can leave an impression on your audience, and if that mention is retweeted… 25 or 50 times… in a day… good things can happen for your business. A blog post is the same way; Triberr is just one example of how powerful social sharing can be to increase exposure and engagement for your content.

Concrete Footprints in the Google Sidewalk

Every share of your content on each of the 5 major social media networks is seen as a link from a site with “authority” — otherwise known as a “social signal” (search: Matt Cutts). Google likes this. And they like it even more when you gain more unique, consistent and natural mentions every day. We recommend a product that accomplishes that
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Written by: Rob Nielsen of SocialSteamr in San Francisco, California.

Infographic: courtesy of WishPond and Social Media Examiner
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